twitter – class of 2007

7 05 2008
This article by David Lee King is from 2007 and explains what to do with Twitter.

It seems that Twitter is huge in USA but in the european market with over 800 million people speaking over 11 different languages it is not yet the “it” thing or the new Facebook trend.

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Posted on March 10, 2007
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First – what is twitter?

Think of Twitter like a personal IM account that can be shared with everyone. Once you have a Twitter account set up, you can send short IM, SMS, or web-based messages to Twitter. Others who are marked as your friends or followers receive those messages. And there’s a public timeline that displays everything everyone is texting (there’s also an option to keep messages private, and to send messages only to individuals, which triggers an email).
With emerging trends, you really should play with the stuff you’re interested in, and let others mess with things that don’t interest you. But then – and this is important – SHARE. So with Twitter, I’ll watch twitter and tell you if I find something useful for libraries. You go watch something else, and report back, too – that’s how the blogosphere works! Make sense?



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